Consensus Recommendations Based on Evidence for Abdominal Sepsis in the Pediatric and Adult Population of Colombia

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Jose Oñate
Christian José Pallares Gutiérrez
German Esparza
Adriana Jimenez
Indira Berrio Medina
Johanna Osorio-Pinzón
Juan Cataño
Carlos Alvarez- Moreno
Jose Rodriguez
Fredy Guevara
Mario Mercado
Mauricio Zuluaga
Juan Seba Becerra
Martha Alvarez
Wilfrido Coronel
Karen Ordonez
Maria Villegas


Intra-abdominal infections are frequent at all levels of health care, therefore, it is necessary to maintain a high level of clinical suspicion, performing the fastest and most cost-effective measures to confirm the diagnosis and offer a precise and targeted multidisciplinary therapy, this being the only way to have an impact on the morbidity of this infection, reducing mortality and minimizing the complications and costs of health care. Intra-abdominal infections are linked to the appearance and selection of resistant mutants in both bacteria and fungi, becoming currently a major public health problem. Increasing bacterial resistance when associated with a greater possibility of difficulties in antimicrobial treatment increases mortality. This evidence-based consensus brings together the recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of intra-abdominal infections in the pediatric and adult population. With strict monitoring of bacterial resistance and stimulating the control of the risk factors that have the greatest impact on the appearance of this phenomenon, this consensus is intended to be a practical guide that is easy to implement, and with periodic updates it will favor and facilitate multidisciplinary and the adequacy of the therapeutic management of intra-abdominal infections.

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