Proceedings Rita Colombia 2023

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Wilmer E. Villamil-Gómez
Alfonso J. Rodríguez-Morales


Rabies continues to be a public health problem in particular low and middle-income countries, including Venezuela, Haiti and Bolivia in the Americas1-3. In this context, continuous re­search and education in the field are critical to improve control and eliminate this deadly viral zoonotic disease. The oppor­tunity to organize the Rabies In The Americas (RITA) Confe­rence began for Colombia when doctors Maria Camila Pardo and Victor Lugo embarked on this adventure. Doctor Pardo presented a poster at RITA 2017 in Calgary, Canada, about the situation in Colombia among domestic animals, showing that the unvaccinated cats, no longer the dogs, are the animals that have mainly infected humans in recent years. Unvaccinated cats are infected by bats or other wild animals with the virus

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Instituto Nacional de Salud. Semana Epidemiológica 38. Boletín Epidemiológico Semanal,

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